Estrogen withdrawal, increased breast cancer risk and the KRAS-variant

Terri P McVeigh, Song-Yi Jung, Michael J Kerin, David W Salzman, Sunitha Nallur, Antonio A Nemec, Michelle Dookwah, Jackie Sadofsky, Trupti Paranjape, Olivia Kelly, Elcie Chan, Nicola Miller, Karl J Sweeney, Daniel Zelterman, Joann Sweasy, Robert Pilarski, Donatello Telesca, Frank J Slack, Joanne B Weidhaas Cell Cycle 14 (13), 2091-2099

A germline mutation in the BRCA13’UTR predicts Stage IV breast cancer

Jemima J Dorairaj, David W Salzman, Deirdre Wall, Tiffany Rounds, Carina Preskill, Catherine AW Sullivan, Robert Lindner, Catherine Curran, Kim Lezon-Geyda, Terri McVeigh, Lyndsay Harris, John Newell, Michael J Kerin, Marie Wood, Nicola Miller, Joanne B Weidhaas BMC cancer 14 (1), 1-11

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David Salzman, PhD

As founder and CEO of Gatehouse Bio, David has over 14 years of research expertise and experience in microRNA and sRNA biology. He is the force behind the science and technological development required for identifying sRNA diagnostics, targeted assay design, validation, and subsequent product development. He was previously a postdoctoral fellow at the Yale School of Medicine and a scientist at Biogen, where he gained experience in developing clinical and preclinincal biomarker, PK/PD, and diagnostic platforms. David also served as the CSO of MiraDx, spearheading projects to commercialize germline DNA biomarkers in oncology. He earned his PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the University of Connecticut and a BS in Environmental Science from the University of Hartford.

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